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We are currently looking for one full-time research assistant. We are also always looking for motivated part-time research assistants, and Professor Chen is happy to meet with students who are interested in doing graduate (Master’s or PhD) work with her. If you are interested in conducting psychology and educational research, working with children, going overseas for work or further study, or practicing your English, you are welcome to speak with Professor Chen.
Full-Time Research Assistant

  • 工作內容 / Employment Details:

    • 協助實驗刺激的製作 / Assistance in the creation of experimental stimuli

    • 收集、管理、和分析受試者數據 / Collection, management, and assisting in analysis of participant data

    • 協助其它與研究相關的任務 / Assistance in miscellaneous research-related tasks

  • 應徵資格 / Employment Criteria:

    • 優先考量具有 / Candidates with the following are strongly preferred:

      • 熟悉統計軟體(如SPSS),以及實驗資料處理/ Knowledge of statistical software (such as SPSS), as well as experimental data processing

      • 心理/心諮系或幼教學士以上學位 / A bachelor’s degree or above in (1) psychology, (2) early childhood education, or (3) related field

      • 中英文書寫及英語溝通能力 / English & Mandarin communication and writing abilities

      • 電腦文書等行政作業處理能力 / Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and ability to handle administrative tasks

      • 長期工作者尤佳(一年以上) / Availability long-term (at least one year)

  • 應徵資料 / Application Materials:

    • 履歷表 (請附推薦人1至2位之現職及連絡方式) Resume (please include one or two references) 

    • 自傳 / Brief biography/statement of purpose

    • 學歷影本 / Copy/copies of academic diploma/diplomas

    • 成績單 / Academic transcripts

  • 工作內容 Employment Details:

    •  Helping with the creation of experiment materials and data collection

    • 協助其它與研究相關的任務Assistance in miscellaneous research-related tasks

  • 應徵資格 Employment preferences:

    • 學士學位以上,優先考慮清華大學學生 University (undergraduate & graduate) students, especially students from NTHU

    • 有和心理學或教育學相關的經驗 Experience with Psychology and/or Education

    • 具備基本英語能力及統計知識 Knowledge of English and basic statistics

    • 一定要熱愛和兒童溝通及相處!Must like working with kids!

Part-time Research Assistant 

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